Code pen, no scroll bar?

Code pen, no scroll bar?


I’am currently busy attempting the portfolio project for the Html, css and JQuery course and I’am attempting several new methods to design the website. I have 3 different containers on my website for 3 different subjects like about and contact, the page has gotten big enough that it requires a scroll bar however one doesn’t seem to appear. Am I doing something wrong? do I need to add some code to make the scroll bar appear?

My code pen:



ad 1) I removed overflow: auto; from your #about rule from css
ad 2) I add at the bottom of CSS file new rule:

height:300px; // sets height of your content
overflow: auto; // adds scroll-bar where is needed


Hi, thank you for the fix.

When I tried to apply it but it didn’t seem to add a scroll-bar. I still couldn’t view my portfolio section or my contact properly. Is this fix for bootstrap 3 or 4? (I use bootstrap 3 for this one)