Portfolio <h1> won't appear or move to center Portfolio <h1> won't appear or move to center


Hello FCC Forum,

I’m having a hard time getting my <h1 to appear at all. Or stay centered. I have tired to change the margin, padding and auto center it. I have tried setting my CSS to bootstrap 4 and bootstrap 3 at the same time and apart. I have tired the example code on

Sigh. I know that I can use col.mid or place my <h1 within a <div and change the id also. Nothing has worked. So if you guys can offer any suggestions or links I would really appreciate it. Sorry if this seems silly, I’m really new to HTMP, CSS, Bootsrap etc.


Can you please provide a link to your Codepen, so we can look at everything?



Yea i could use a link to your CodePen too.
Just right click the web Address and paste it in your post.
FCC will make it pretty and easy for us to see.


Yes guys. Sorry I should have done that. I was so frustrated. LOL
Now I see my h2 but it’s in the wrong place.
I will not make changes until I hear back from you guys.


Yep I can see my name =h1 and my place holder h2.


-I deleted that…

margin-top = -10%;

…from your pageOne class and that fixed it.
I think it was pulling elements up into the top of the page.


You can find a lot about centering in this article:


Aha okay cool. Thanks. I was trying to fix the spacing issues. :sunglasses::blush:


Thanks I will check out the link.


What about Zip?? :cry:


I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to miss thanking anyone.

Thanks Zip:blush::kissing_heart::smile: