Coding dictionary/database available?

Coding dictionary/database available?


Hi new to coding but feel like I could learn at an exponentially faster rate than what i am. I was just wondering if there is a source of information for coders/programmers to use, organized by categories of definitions per individuals languages. I have app ideas and concepts as well as websites I would like to build and the pace at which these courses go are slow repedative and copy paste. Thanks!!


Take a look under “web Technologies” :slight_smile:


Not exactly what I was hoping for, but a start thanks!


No probs :slight_smile:

Isn’t that exactly what MDN is?


Every language that I am aware of has an API, application programming interface. Just google the language you are interested in using and documentation. example: Java and documentation or C# and documentation.
The definitions are not much help if you don’t have general concepts to associate them with. Just my two cents.


There are many great sources, but one that I think is nice and simple is W3Schools.


Try :slight_smile:


I am finding cool stuff on here everyday lol this looks incredibly useful!!


OMG that’s looks amazingly organized - drop-down menus are the best!


I second You can also try Zeal Docs which has more languages/frameworks in its database and is cross-platform.