Collect Online User's Interaction Data

Collect Online User's Interaction Data


Hi everyone,

I need help and advice.

Within the scope of an academic experiment (master thesis), I need to collect user’s interaction data while the user is performing a given task (in a web browser). What I mean with interaction data is mouse movement, scrolling, clicking, and focus.

Is anyone aware of an already existing JavaScript framework or tool that I could use in the website I will develop to collect the user’s on-line activity while performing the web tasks I will ask them to complete?

Thanks in advance!


Hey, I don’t know any framework for that, but can’t you easily get this information by using event handlers (mousemove, scroll, click, focus)?


Listening for scroll events can really hammer site performance. As it’s an academic exercise, that may not matter, but this is as good a starting point as any for your intro to DOM event listening:


Thank you both for your replies!

@BenGitter I know I can get that kind of info with event handlers. However, I am new to web programming/JavaScript and I have limited time and knowledge to develop something from scratch. I would prefer to leverage something that already exists since I am not really aware of issues as performance, for instance (as @JacksonBates pointed out). I found this framework ( that will help me structure my experiment but doesn’t have the feature of collecting user’s interaction data.

@JacksonBates thanks for the link, I will have a look!


Hi @P1xt, I am planning to do that on a site I will create and control.


Wow @P1xt!

Thanks a mil for your help, time and availability!

I will use your code as the base for my initial tests and try out drafts of what I want to accomplish.

This was exactly the “little” push I needed :slight_smile: Let’s see I am capable of coding what I propose for the experiment (I feel I learned a lot with freecodecamp)!


Cool…I did not know you could chain events like that with jQuery.


Thanks @P1xt again for the extra tips. As @JacksonBates I wasn’t aware that it was possible to chain events like that in jquery.

I will keep you updated about my efforts.