Community Chat Resources Thread (Discord, Slack, etc.)

Community Chat Resources Thread (Discord, Slack, etc.)

Hey that sounds great I’m interested :grinning:

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hey i am interested to work with you

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Hi Evan and other folks, i am intersted into the group as well. Just about to actively coding the next few months.

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Hey all, thanks for your interest! I got into a bike accident yesterday, so that threw a wrench in my plans and response times for this week. Please shoot me a private message if you still want to form a group.

For now, I’m thinking of getting together 3-4 people and we keep each other accountable to at least 20 mins of programming each day; the point is to build a consistent habit.

Happy to hear ideas from you too via direct message.

Hi Evan, Sorry to hear that you have a accident. Hope you will do recover soon.
I am still interested. I think it is a good idea just to make each other accountable for programming every day. At least we make plan that how many days per week we plan to do it and check with each other in the group.


Hey all, I asked Fabio, another person who reached out to me, to message me on Discord. If you’re still interested in joining the accountability/study group, please message me on Discord at evanvpham!

Hey Evan, I’m interested, can you send me the invite.

This is the invite link for a slack group, everyone is welcome

FCC Study Buddies

@Dereje1 when you can would t be possible to add it to the top post?

done @ieahleen, looks like an invitation link does not preview the slack page on discord however

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I can’t do much about that, the invitation link is the only way i have for new people to join the slack channel

Also, creation date of the channel is January 23rd, created by @snowmonkey

Link me too @Dereje1 I usually have Discord open at all times, so i could benefit from any FCC communities :+1:

You should join them yourself, I think what Dereje do is to add the links to the first post

Yeah, @tommygebru, if you want to create a new discord community then you can post the link, date created and name here and I will add it up top, but if you want to join any of the ones already created, just go ahead and join them (via the links in the first post)

Oh no lol I was hoping to join an existing Discord community

  • do you know of any?

There’s a whole bunch listed in the first part of this post.


OK - so none of the links work

This is just a collection of links that people have submitted. These are not offical FCC resources, so it’s quite possible that they are no longer active.

yeah what @ArielLeslie said and I wouldn’t say all of them are dead, I checked a couple and they seem to be alive, though I haven’t joined any of them…

@Dereje1 I think the fact that many of these kinds of links expire quickly is one of the cons of having such at topic.