Community Chat Resources Thread (Discord, Slack, etc.)

Community Chat Resources Thread (Discord, Slack, etc.)

This is just a collection of links that people have submitted. These are not offical FCC resources, so it’s quite possible that they are no longer active.

yeah what @ArielLeslie said and I wouldn’t say all of them are dead, I checked a couple and they seem to be alive, though I haven’t joined any of them…

@Dereje1 I think the fact that many of these kinds of links expire quickly is one of the cons of having such at topic.

true @RandellDawson, any suggestion to mitigate that other than periodically deleting some of the dead links ?

Ask users to post permanent invites?

I created one just to avoid that thing of having to recreate it…

Even if I don’t know if discord let you do that - slack does


Does anyone know why freeCodeCamp does not have an official Discord or a Slack channel?

FCC used to have a chat (first on Slack and then on Gitter), but as the community grew a forum was a much better way to serve the community. There are still a couple dedicated FCC Gitter rooms and this is where the Contributors largely communicate.

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@kirubiel , your collab side project’s invite is currently invalid, wanna re-validate it so I can add it up top?

Oh okay.

I want to create slack group where New coders will be warmly welcomed . Need some experts who can help new coders. If anyone Interested please comments below I will send you the link…Thank you everyone

I am going to join this thread with the master list of discord and slack groups, if you give a permanent invite link I will add your slack group to the first post of the thread. There is also already a slack channel listed there if you want

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please add my link

Could you please add in your post the infos asked in the first post?
Please be sure your link is a permanent invite

Name of the group: programming_freecodecamp
Description: a study group for better way to keep accountability and encouragement
Date created: 10 July 2019

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