Couple questions about project

Couple questions about project


The only thing i need at this point is a Key, because offline streamers don’t link to their profile. I tried many things at this point. I shouldn’t need all this stuff just to put in a freakin link. Like really??? I’m starting to think this is a ego thing.


if streamer is offline so twitch will return null means he/she offline. you could go to the channel page in their api to get another information like logo img…etc


I should just be able to link to their own profile.


or just use the link like + channel name you want to pass on.


Okay thanks ill use that. I did try that before, but you need to open it in a new tab to work. You cant just click…


if you use the link method it doesn’t need a ajax. just wrap the a tag around the name
take a look of my code.


Yeah i did that, just having the issue with it requiring you to open it in a new tab.


what do you mean. if you want to open it in a new tab just put target="_blank" in a tag.
like this:

<a href="" target="_blank">Visit W3Schools</a>  


Thanks, that worked. I cant believe i didn’t think of that :man_facepalming:


np. you should take a look at w3schools. it wills help you.


Yeah i do use w3 schools a lot. Its been a long time since i have used target="_blank" so i forgot about it. I actually face palmed when you told me lol.


It’s a CodePen necessity. It’s also good practice to use target="_blank. Were you able to get the client ID?


Check the getting started section from the menu bar.


returned url property by the success function is the link to the stream


Okay thanks, ill keep that in mind.