Critique My Portfolio

Critique My Portfolio


Hello everyone!

Aside from not being responsive, is there anything noticeably bad about my portfolio? What can I do to make it better and look more professional? Any tips, suggestions, or criticisms are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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What’s noticeable?

You’ve got the coolest phone number. 555-555-5555.


Hahaha. If only that were my real number. That’d would be awesome.


What’s noticeable? Nothing! I can’t view website in full page. Verify codepen email.

The site looks good though. Maybe fix the navbar and add some smooth scrolling?


I verified my e-mail so it should work now. A smoother transition to different sections does sound like a nice feature. I think I will learn how to do that next. Thanks for the suggestion.


Your page looks good, keep up the good work! If you can, maybe try adding a sticky nav.