CS50 Certifications

CS50 Certifications


Do you guys here running Freecodecamp see certification for this course available in the future? And are you looking to obtain and add the rest of the Harvardx courses? Similar to what edX is doing?

Thanks in advance.


About the certs, isn’t edX selling it? I remember something like buy the official certificate of completition for 75$ or something similar^^ for the react native one^^

Furthermore FCC gives certs to complete projects so they can verify you learned to do something, not certs related to the fact you saw all the videos ^^
Maybe i’m wrong of course, that’s just my opinion :slight_smile:


That’s correct.

EdX offers Verified Certificates. Certificates are different from certifications, in that they essentially mean you completed a course.

freeCodeCamp offers Verified Certifications. These mean that you have passed some sort of standardized exam. In freeCodeCamp’s case - it means you’ve built the 5 required projects for that certification.

There’s nothing wrong with certificates. In our mind, certifications are more useful though.


Yes there is a fee at edX…


Indeed I understand these things, but that doesn’t actually address my question… But ill assume that’s probably a “no” as far as obtaining other Harvard courses in the near future and charging a fee for such certs.?

But let me know if my assumption is incorrect.

And thanks for the reply.


Yes - the answer is “no”. There already a lot of places you can get certificates of completion for online university courses.


Duly noted, Thanks so much Quincy…


edX’s CS50 certificates cost $90. Too much to say you completed a free course.