CSS - Contact Form Issue

CSS - Contact Form Issue



I need to create a contact form with some functions made from javascript. I was able to do that but I encounter some issues to make it look like I want.
My contact form is available here: https://curs-html-intro-marianureche.c9users.io/Tema4/Contact/index.html?!
Here is how I would like to look:

If you have some hint’s that could help me, please let me know.
Thank you for your support.


Sorry, this is the image about how it should look like.



I would make two <div>'s and display them inline, for the two columns. So the second div would have the picture, and the first one would have the form stuff.


You could do that very easily with bootstrap, as it has the prebuilt classes for rows/columns, inputs, and alert boxes. I would recommend against using inline divs and floating, as that can be a huge pain. If you don’t want to use Bootstrap, instead of inlining or floating, the best way would probably be to use flexbox.