Data Visualization or Back End Certification?

Data Visualization or Back End Certification?


I am currently working on Front End Certification.I intend to work as a Full Stack Developer and even though I would want to eventually complete Data Visualization Certification, I was wondering is it easier to get a job as a junior developer if I complete Front End and Back End certification first ? Thanks for any input.


Thanks a lot for your input


Well… I would suggest you to complete first the Backend certification. It is probable that even if you become a Front End developer, you would need backend skills and knowledge anyway (like a backend developer need to know a little about Front End development). Even in very static webpages, sometimes you could need some backend work (e.g. contact forms where you can send an email to someone through the website).


This was my question too, and I’m glad to here this. I tried to figure out the data visualization projects on my own, but was getting discouraged. The back end curriculum looks like a better thing to do next. Thanks!


The data viz projects teach you how to use react and d3. If you are going to use react for the front end portion of the backend challenges , then I would definitely recommend finishing the data viz projects (at least the react part) before going to the backend challenges. If however you intend to use a different front end package for full stack projects , then you won’t miss anything by skipping the data viz certification.