Dave Matthews tribute page

Dave Matthews tribute page


Hey Guys here’s my Dave Matthews tribute page. Constructive criticism wanted. Thanks!

See the Pen Dave Matthews tribute by BryanBean (@Billyin4C) on CodePen.


instead of using width: 300px; use max-width: 300px; instead for your .about class. Otherwise, try to use images that are smaller file sizes as they seem to be taking too long to load for web use.


Thanks! I have fixed to max-width.


It’s looking good! One thing I expected to be able to do was click on “listen” and “Wikipedia” as well as the icons next to them to lead me to those pages. Maybe put a div around both? I did like your icons though.


Thanks dodabear42!

I wasn’t aware they weren’t working. They seemed to be on my end. I will put them in a div later today. Thanks for the input!

Edit again: reread it. You said “as well” as clicking on the icons. Sorry