Declare a Read-Only Variable with the const Keyword - STILL didn't fix the main error

<%= @topic_view.topic.title %>
<%= @topic_view.topic.average_rating %> <%= @topic_view.topic.posts.count { |p| !!p.custom_fields['rating'] } %>

How about this: just screw off, trolls and haters.

Not sure what you think was not covered in a previous lesson that would have helped you solve the challenge differently. Everything you need to solve the challenge is covered in the challenge description and then reiterated in the instructions.

Your issue is all in the last line of instructions, also the tests say the same.

Understanding Case Sensitivity in Variables

Both of you ( @ieahleen and @RandellDawson):
DON’T - Seriously. This lesson was about using let and constant instead of var. It was not about finding a variable name that is typed as normal but secretly needs to be all uppercase (which FCC has said in other lessons is bad form).
Please don’t pretend like I’m the one that made the mistake
Please don’t pretend like there is no mistake
Please don’t pretend like it doesn’t happen all the time
Please don’t pretend like you thought my comments about things not being taught in previous lessons was about this lesson.

They have a name for your behavior, it’s called gaslighting. Please don’t - ever again to anyone.

If you feel there is an issue with how the challenge is worded or tested you can bring it up for discussion opening an issue on github, but seriously, it’s written here, in challenge description:

A common practice when naming constants is to use all uppercase letters, with words separated by an underscore.

Also, rename variables declared with const to conform to common practices, meaning constants should be in all caps.

And in the tests:

SENTENCE should be a constant variable declared with const .

console.log should be changed to print the SENTENCE variable.

If the tests expect SENTENCE as stated in tests description you can’t write sentence

There are a few challenges that have common obstacles for users, but this one is not one of those.

The codebase is mostly mantained by volunteers, but user feedback is heard, and challenges are changed to reflect user feedback. The next update will make a lot of changes on challenges to make them more accessible. Right now the beta version is offline, but usually you can check the beta at

The curriculum is also being almost completely changed, version 7.0 is under construction:

I still don’t see the issue with this particular challenge tho

I don’t see the problem either. The challenge instructions are clear and so is the test output. You can open an issue if you want but I seriously doubt it will be changed.