Delete discobot!

Delete discobot!

Hi, how do you delete “ALL” discobot messages. I got one when I signed up and as I tried to delete but I was unable to locate the delete message button, hmmm :frowning:

I then asked the bot the question only to see … “Sorry, I am only a bot! Can’t help you here!!!” hahaha.

Does any humans know where the delete or delete “ALL” for any bot that response to my account ???

The only option is that I had to select “MUTE” unfortunately I still see it !!! I want to “DELETE!!!”

Help !!! I need a human :slight_smile:

I haven’t dealt with DiscoBot (because I’ve been with the forum longer than it has), but if these are messages, there is a button next to “Select All” that will let you multi-select and then you can archive to get them out of your inbox.

Doesn’t seem like we can delete messages in general let alone messages from discobot but you can archive them.

Ok, found it … !!!

What I did was select the “Add or Remove …” button and I was then ask if I am sure I want to be removed completely from the post … so I said Sí :slight_smile:

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