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Delete this thread please


Please delete this thread. Thanks.


Hi Drew,

That’s a very nice portfolio. You make an impression of a professional, yet fun and relaxed person, someone that would be easy to work with.

The only thing I didn’t like was the navigation bar at the top. It needs to be a bit more lively and stick out more. I didn’t notice it at first and had to look around to find how I can navigate the page.

I’d add a few more projects to showcase the variety of coding abilities, but that’s just my personal preference. Some would say that too many projects would clutter the page. That’s really up to you, just giving you an idea to think about.

Best of luck in your job search :slight_smile:


Hi Beekey.

Thanks for the feedback.

Was the navbar not obvious because it of the color choice? If you could elaborate a bit, I would be much appreciated.

As far as projects go:

I intend to add a 3 or 4 more projects to the portfolio. Maybe weed one or two out depending on what feels best. I come from an art and branding/marketing background, so I’m hoping to make up for my lack of developing experience by incorporating some UI designs into my portfolio.

Thanks again!


You are welcome, Drew :slight_smile:

It’s the color choice with the combination of the image on that first screen. The laptop screen is bright and attracts the attention while the navbar kind of melts into the background. It looks much better on the next screen where the background is white. It wouldn’t really matter much if it wasn’t the first thing the viewer comes to upon entering the page.

You are already showing your artistic side nicely. The page is balanced and has a clean look with good color choices. So yeah, I’d say working even more on that is a good direction to keep.


Just modified and added some animation into the page. Modified the navbar a bit as well. It feels a bit sleeker already lol.

I’m going to go through my projects and accent them with some animation and interactivity next.


Dancing 30%!!! Love it!