Denver/Boulder Study Group!

Denver/Boulder Study Group!

I would love to start a community of freeCodeCampers in the Metro Area! Please shout out if interested!

There used to be one in Boulder, but it fizzled out.

Boulder or up North would be great…getting to downtown is tough and expensive from Broomfield.

I hate trying to find parking in downtown boulder… is there a library or coffee shop in the westminster area

I’d be interested in a Denver group. If the Boulder group picks up, I’ll be up there often this summer.

I am interested :smiley:

The bar/restaurant at the Ice Center at Promenade has free wifi and lots of seating. Anyone want to hang out there over the weekend?

Possible meeting locations:

  1. Benders Bar and Grill (In the Ice Center at the Promenade) Westminster
  2. Front Range Community College/Westminster Library (open 7 days a week)
  3. Amante Coffee in Boulder (off of Baseline Rd, near 30th. Just off the highway)
  4. University of Colorado Wolf Law Library and/or commons area. Hours vary.
  5. Galvanize in downtown boulder?
  6. Twisted Pine Brewery


@Jefe @ArielLeslie @Tirjasdyn @kylec @iceman16 I’m planning on being at Westminster Library (next to Front Range Community College) Saturday or Sunday. They have study rooms large enough to accommodate 4-6 adults with whiteboards and plenty of outlets/tables/chairs.

Let me know if any of you are interested in attending.

I’m fine with any of those places…this weekend though I"m booked. …

I’d love to go, but I’m a bit booked this weekend as well. I’m predominately in the DTC area, but will be in Boulder the following weekend if you’ll be doing it again.

What days/times seems to work for most here? Are weeknights or weekends better?

I’m in the area too and would be interested in meeting up sometime. Weekends are generally best for me, since I often attend various meetups throughout the week.

FRCC/Westminster Library is a pretty good location—open to the public, lots of table space and parking, and roughly between Boulder and Denver. Aside from that, there are a few Panera Bread and Starbucks locations that could work, along with a few libraries like the Mamie Doud in Broomfield, Standley Lake in Arvada, and Arvada Public Library in Olde Town Arvada. There’s also Lark Spot in Arvada (used to be Larkburger) that might be a decent venue.

Also the CU Boulder campus could be a viable spot too, as a bunch of the parking lots are free on weekends (i.e., their huge commuter lot & 4-level structure is free after 5 PM every day and all day on the weekends) and since it’s summer break now, there are a lot fewer students than there normally are. The only thing to watch out for on the CU Boulder campus during the summer are special events (i.e., concerts) that sometimes lock the campus buildings down.

@astv99 @kylec @Tirjasdyn Thanks for the response!

Weekends work best for me as well; I’m committed to improving, and can spare a couple hours… preferably Sunday. My plan is to be at the Westminster Library in the afternoon. Possibly from 3p - 5p (closing time).

I don’t have many ideas in terms of structure, but won’t worry about that until more people show up and we find out what kind of structure would work best (ie: presentations, general quiet study, social Q and A sessions, etc)