Deploying React app to GitHub

Deploying React app to GitHub


Hi! I’ve problem deploying my React app to the GitHub.
I was supporting myself this website:

I installed ‘gh-pages’, modified package.json and now I have a problem with deploying the application.

Thanks for any help!


nom not found

Do you mean npm?


On console I wrote “npm run…”, so I’ve no idea what “nom” means.
That’s a complete log:


Could you please check the package.json commands, please?

I saw that you typed sudo npm run deploy

But the command associated with it was nom run build. Check that :slight_smile:


@Marmiz could you tell me please how to check it? :slight_smile:


Open up your package.json file, and check under the script section.

You should have a predeploy command, make sure the spelling is correct there.


you asked npm to run the command deploy.

deploy called a command called predeploy that launched nom run build.

At this point node stopped since he doesn’t know any command named nom.
Make sense?


Thank you so so much, now it’s clear :slight_smile: But still is not working.


the log: