DevOps and its meaning

DevOps and its meaning


Can someone please explain to me what is the meaning of devops and why is it necessary in software development?
and any book or resources for understanding devops in a better way.


Someone who does IT Support/DevOps etc will give you a better description but: infrastructure stuff in tech organisations (IT, servers, code deployments to servers, etc) is now generally programmable/has some programmable interface. Therefore instead of provisioning everything manually, somebody responsible for the above stuff can do everything programmatically. This only really started to be widespread fairly recently. There isn’t loads more to it than that, though thats pretty complex. If you want to read vast amounts of buzzword jargon go read the wiki page or the AWS page on DevOps.

It’s basically Linux, Linux Networking, generally Python, + patience to read through staggering amounts of documentation, and configuring lots and lots of things. There’s lots of jargon surrounding it, but it’s the people who ensure that code deploys to somewhere live, and that the environments where the code deploys don’t set on fire


Ohk thanks for the response.