Discussing CS50 Assignments

Discussing CS50 Assignments

Is it appropriate to discuss the “homework” from EdX for the Harvard CS50 course on this forum? If so would it be better to post it in this forum or the one for project feedback, or perhaps a separate forum entirely?


I would apply the same rules that applies for any intro to CS class:

  • You can discuss concepts with your classmates
    • Example: How to loop over an array (from index 0 to length-1)
  • You can discuss bugs you are encountering if the other person has already written their code.
    • Ex: why is the value of a variable not what I thought it would be?
  • You can write answers together in pseudocode
    • Your actual code, especially for submitted homework/tests, MUST BE YOUR OWN, since that’s what you are in the class to prove you can learn. It’s the same as if I asked you what a variable was, and you and a classmate submitted the verbatim answer.
    • Ex: (of okay pseudocode) Note: I highly encourage you to do this
function isSquare(num){
  for each number i until num
    check whether i*i equals num, return true if it is.
    if i*i> num, break/return false

Of course, all this is just based on what I learned in my Comp Sci classes. I am sure that CS50 has an academic honesty policy. What does it say?

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Oh well that’s all useful information for someone like me who’s never been in a real class before. But all I was wondering is if it was ok to bring the discussion for those projects onto this board.


Within those guidelines, yes. Although you will probably benefit more from being able to discuss the problems in real-time.