Display content on click event javascript

Display content on click event javascript

hello everyone, can somebody please tell me why it does not work…?
I’m trying to display the innerText on a Div element



what exactly isn’t working?

When I press the buttons, I can see text inside the div.

As a side note, I would not declare currentContent as const since you are changing its innerHTML whenever someone presses a button.



hi @TomerPacific thank you very much for your quick answer!
The Problem was that I was selecting an Array of classes: :sweat_smile:
like that:

const currentContent = document.getElementsByClassName('content');

And it didn’t work before like that, so i just select that class=“content” and their specific index and now it work perfect!

const currentContent = document.getElementsByClassName('content')[0];

Thank you for your advice, you are right I changed it already :wink: