Django or Ruby on Rails for backend projects

Django or Ruby on Rails for backend projects


Anyone here is using Django or rails for backend certification. I want to know the experience of working on projects .which one is easier to learn .

For node.js fans .I know that I have to learn node.js or Phoenix or some other framework on some other day to call myself professional programmer. Right now I am confused between rails and Django.



I don’t know RoR, but having tried both Django and Flask as frameworks for Python, I would you suggest you to begin with the latter for learning purpose.


I would try Python and Flask. Rails and Django are huge and opinionated frameworks. Starting with something more lightweight like Flask makes it easier to get started, and you can see how all the code works and understand the project much more easily. Also, even though Flask is a lightweight framework, you can use it for big projects too.

Disclaimer: This is my opinionated, unsolicited advice. It’s probably worth what you paid for it =)