Do all developer jobs have these prerequisites?

Do all developer jobs have these prerequisites?


So I applied for a developer job, I didn’t expect to get it. I made it past the first interview and got some take home assignments. When I looked up these assignments they were all taken from the more difficult part of old programming competitions. Do all developer jobs place these requirements?


Some might. I just had a take home challenge that was based on an overly complicated custom built React/Redux boilerplate clearly just built for the purpose of testing people. (When I say “overly complicated”, this was a React/Redux todo app with over 100 components/containers. I’m not exaggerating.)

It’s like most things - there are all different kinds.


Some do, some don’t. In my experience startup environments care more about liking/trusting you (and of course, knowing you have some degree of ability) and big companies usually want to filter whoever gets through the interview process, so that they don’t end up with 1000 candidates.


I would accept that they want to see that you can program. But using the most difficult problems they can find from programming competitions?


It is what it is. ¯_(ツ)_/¯