Does anyone code on their mobile phone?

Does anyone code on their mobile phone?


Just wondering if anyone has to do FreeCodeCamp or CodePen or any other code editor purely on their mobile phones because they do not have laptop or PC? I signed into my CodePen last night on my phone but it was too annoying and fiddly for me to do any real work on there.

Currently sat on my sofa on the laptop…which sounds somewhat idyllic but gets really uncomfortable after an hour or so. Just moved house and started a new job so have no money for a month or two :anguished: I keep dreaming of having a desk and a proper office chair to do some serious work at!


I do know that we have users who code primarily, or even exclusively on mobile devices. I know that right now the FCC challenges do not work very well on small screens. I believe (at least I hope) that the FCC team is making this a priority.


I would try the free sections of Craigslist,, or for you area or
Within seconds, I found a chair and desk in my area, just now.


I’m in the UK, bit too far to travel for that one my friend :grin: I have been looking on freecycle though, just missed out on some free office furniture yesterday. . .I will keep hunting though, thanks!