Does anyone know where can learn UX design online?

Does anyone know where can learn UX design online?


I’m actively searching for a place to learn UX design online. Not with videos per say but with a step by step approach. Something like what free code camp is doing for programming?
can anyone help me out?


I know there is a Interaction Design Specialization at Coursera that I am planing to take but design course in the FCC format?
I don’t think there is such a thing and to be hones I doubt there ever will be. Design is not something you can code in the browser, it just would not work.


what do you both think of Daily UI ??.. They offer challenges …but no community… no followup…it is just DIY for yourself…


Daily UI is a good place but it is a hard without community feedback. If you can find friends or colleagues who would be willing to review your work it can be great.

And here is a neat idea: ask for a few persons to join you, you can even ask here. Work together by finishing the Daily UI challenges and you can share your work and make sure to give each other feedback.


If you want we can create our own channel… or chat room!
using gitter or a different app


This would be awesome. I definitely love this idea.


My friend has a lot of good things to say about


Wow Thanks to you guys I’m really blessed. Please more tips. I want to soak myself in as much learning material as possible so that I would be very hot when I’m out. :smile:


I like these sites:

Ebooks bu UxPin (for free):

These blogs: - UxBooth - A List Apart


I love this. Thanks a million.


Read the book by Don Norman called ’ The Design of Everyday Things’


love A List Apart! Great resource.


I liked this site.


Just found this website UX APPRENTICE. Teaches you the basics in UX design.