[Done] Advanced Node and Express - Set up the Environment

[Done] Advanced Node and Express - Set up the Environment


Not sure why I can’t get the environment to work. Here is the Glitch link.

When I run it I get the following.

// running test
// tests completed

In the .env file, I have the relevant path for
and a number of my choosing for

This is the server.js code:

'use strict';

const express     = require('express');
const session     = require('express-session');
const bodyParser  = require('body-parser');
const fccTesting  = require('./freeCodeCamp/fcctesting.js');
const auth        = require('./app/auth.js');
const routes      = require('./app/routes.js');
const mongo       = require('mongodb').MongoClient;
const passport    = require('passport');
const cookieParser= require('cookie-parser')
const app         = express();
const http        = require('http').Server(app);
const sessionStore= new session.MemoryStore();
const io          = require('socket.io')(http);

fccTesting(app); //For FCC testing purposes

app.use('/public', express.static(process.cwd() + '/public'));
app.use(bodyParser.urlencoded({ extended: true }));
app.set('view engine', 'pug')

  secret: process.env.SESSION_SECRET,
  resave: true,
  saveUninitialized: true,
  key: 'express.sid',
  store: sessionStore,

mongo.connect(process.env.DATABASE, (err, db) => {
    if(err) console.log('Database error: ' + err);
    auth(app, db);
    routes(app, db);
    http.listen(process.env.PORT || 3000);

    //start socket.io code  

    io.on('connection', socket => {
      console.log('A user has connected');

    //end socket.io code

When you start the provided glitch, it begins with errors and compiles to “Show off” instead of the usual “Show live”… have I missed adding something in?

The continuing saga of Advanced Node and Express - Set up the Environment

Well, first thing, I don’t see where you’re loading in the .env file. I haven’t worked with glitch much, but usually .env need to be loaded - they’re not automatic. Usually you need to install a package like dotenv and then put something like require('dotenv').config() at the top of your server. Or you could write your own loader.

To confirm, I would put a console.log somewhere to check if those variables are getting loaded.



That would make sense but I went and checked other FCC glitch templates and none of the ones I’ve used seem to have code like that either.”

require(‘dotenv’).config() throws the error “Error: Cannot find module 'dotenv’github”

Also, file now has “Show live” as it’s status, but still runs into the same errors when I test on FCC. I’ll keep looking into it, see if there’s something else I can do to make it work.


I have the same problem…did you find a solution?


You need to add the following to your .env file and fill in the data like in the previous Advanced Node and Express challenges. For the SESSION_SECRET I just made up a number but it works (sorry for the hacky explanation):



Yes, SESSION_SECRET is just something you make up. It is just a random string for encryption, the randomer the better.


Thanks, but I already have all of that in the .env file. I started with:

And later added the 2 pieces of GITHUB data because the Glitch wouldn’t compile to a ‘Show LIve’ status without them.

Even so, I get the same errors when I submit the glitch.


Sorry, I guess I skimmed your post. Here’s my totally unsatisfying answer for you: NONE of the tests have passed for me for any of the Advanced Node and Express Challenges, and I’m on the third-to-last-one right now.

So I must have faulty code? No, I don’t. Other people have had similar problems, and yet for still others the tests do pass. So I don’t know.

Looking at your project, though, there is one more thing I can suggest you try. In your auth.js file, you have the following as the callback still in the strategy object: “callbackURL: “https://buttercup-delete.gomix.me/auth/github/callback””

That needs to be changed to your project callback url. Maybe that helps. If not, I think I’m out of ideas.


No worries, I appreciate the attempt! I’m stumped.

Yeah, I had a bunch of challenges with the earlier ones too. Eventually got them all to pass up until this one, but all of the tweaks I’ve been recommended here or that I found online haven’t fixed it :confused:

I’ve re-typed two other glitches with the template, using the same code and couldn’t get them to work, so I assumed the error was in my code…

Also, I tried what you recommended regarding the callback URL, but I’m still getting the same response when I run the tests:

// running test
// tests completed

Thanks for trying to help. I appreciate it!


I just experienced some incredible serendipity and I think I just found a solution while searching for something totally different.

Add this code to the top of your server.js file and try the tests again:

const cors = require('cors');

Please let me know if it works!

Credit to hasnass for the info: Advanced Node and Express Challenges - missing stuff

EDIT: This is working for some but not all of the tests


AMAZING! That’s a great find @lieberscott! That solved it!


Please mark this as the answer!! Is there a place where a pull request can be made to update the glitch?

const cors = require('cors');

Thanks again!


yup, looks like app.use(cors()); is missing in freeCodeCamp/fcctesting.js
module.exports = function (app) {...}


For those of you who get here, I had to make sure I put app.use(cors()) ABOVE fccTesting(app) in order to pass the tests.


This made all the difference. Thanks ttstauss and everyone else.