Downloaded JSON solutions are not understandable

Downloaded JSON solutions are not understandable


Always nice to know that this isn’t ruled by bots, and get a nice help once in a while, thanks vipatron :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. I really hope you don’t mean @ArielLeslie . Nobody, not even Google, is that good at the Turing test (yet).


ye ye i know, it’s quite helpfull, just a bit annoying when you are desperate for an answer and gives you something completely unrelated arghhh


Fair enough. I’m redoing the React challenges. When I get bored later today, I’m planning on adding new functionality that lets you:

  1. upload the .json file from your computer
  2. Save the first file in the .json under the name provided (although maybe a checkbox to allow the option of *.json => *.[js|html|css]


ex machina


That sounds awesome,
Atm i’m just saving it to a copy of gitbook which saves it to a md that i can use to search for answers…
So having this problem just ended up me having a better documentation structure although having something to easily parse it makes my life way easier if i ever need to do it. :slight_smile: thanks
Also regarding Ariel, thank god she can’t pass the turing test otherwise we would have to start taking cover in zion or something…


In the event that the JSON record includes the difficulties you need, at that point, you have to locate the key for the test you’re occupied with. The esteem will be the arrangement code as a string. When you parse the string the majority of the got away characters will be exhibited as their parsed partners.

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Wait… Is @ArielLeslie a bot.? :face_with_monocle: Maybe I’m missing something…


are you human


@Elthask For formatting JSON you might also try a text editor extension that can prettify the code. Here’s a link to an extension I have installed on Atom:


Thank you so much.
I was struggling with this and this solves the issue perfectly!


So over on the slack learning buddies group, the question came up as well. I wrote a little codepen that will allow you to upload your downloaded file, and parse out the index bit, displaying it in a readable format.

Hope it helps.