Ecommerce MERN stack done

Ecommerce MERN stack done


Hi guys, i m learning react and node.js full time everyday (6h-10h/day) since 6 months, makes me crazy now.
I made this template ecommerce website:

I will start to find a job next week, this website will be shown to recruiters.

Any feedback will be highly appreciated, please do not hesitate to be harshed.

Thank you very much


Taking a first glance at the interface i noticed that your categories filter is displayed as a radio button instead as of a checkbox collection.

When I see this:
i expect to function like radio buttons. Think you have used the wrong display representation on page.
If you take out the p-round class from <div class="pretty p-default p-round p-smooth"> the checkboxes will look more natural.


Thanks ok, i will do squares


Another thing in terms of UX is the breadcrumb navigation. When I am, lets say, here:

i expect to be able to click on polos and get back right to the polos category not to pass again through home.


Thanks, I will config this


Just checked a couple of things:

In the checkout:

  1. Make sure to validate the email, so far it passes as long as I finish with a dot, even if I don’t specify the domain extension, like “[email protected]
  2. Continuing as guest apparently works, but I still need to provide email before it’s clickable. I Imagine you shouldn’t have to?
  3. Validate the fields in the shipping, names shouldn’t have numbers, postal code and phone number shouldn’t have letters
  4. Implement some dummy payment system, like Stripe’s or Paypal’s sandbox, so it’s easy to test.
  5. Implement accounts and auth.
  6. Also, problem with showing prices in the order summary:

// I’m mentioning payments and auth because you said you’re learning MERN, but there doesn’t seem to be much back-end implemented.


thanks, nice. Yeah I am going to do the complete system in back end