Enlarge image on tribute page using only bootstrap

Enlarge image on tribute page using only bootstrap



I’m looking for feedback on my tribute page. As far as content is concerned I simply threw something on it. My primary question is how can I enlarge the thumbnail image (USA) to look a little more like the example? Any feedback is welcomed.




Change your img css to:


You were using max-width:100%; which only allows it to grow to its max original width (284px). By setting it to width:100%, it will grow to it’s container’s width.


Hey. Remove the inline “style” from your image (it’s unneeded) and, in your CSS, use “width” instead of “max-width”. Then adjust the percentage, because it will probably be even too big.

The difference between width: 100% and max-width: 100% is that max-width will never stretch an image over its maximum size, while width will.

Edit: Damn, @rmdawson71. Always too late.


Excellent! That worked! Thanks!