Entry level pay in web development

Entry level pay in web development


My reply is a bit off-topic, I noticed you’re looking for entry-level jobs in web-development. I’m not there yet, but I also want to career-change into web-development or programming.

I currently do business analysis for big healthcare firm, with 2+ years of experience. Besides enjoying programming and writing code, one of the expectations is that once I do career-change and land a job in web-dev/programming, that the money will be more. ( I make mid-50k, and expect to make maybe 60K-70K after career-shift, same SOL).

Is this a reasonable expectation? Or is it possible that a salary-cut is needed to land that first job into web-dev/programming?

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Check this out for an answer.


It’s hard to say not knowing all your skills and background. The glassdoor page is a good reference though. For myself I was expecting to start at the bottom end of the salary average and work my way up. This is considering that I am self taught, and though very enthusiastic I still would need quite a bit of coaching. If you are past that point I’m sure you could start with a larger salary.

Either way keep us posted with your progress!