Escaping Literal

Escaping Literal


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where should I put the backslash unable to understand
anyone please assist me.

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var myStr = "I am a "double quoted" string inside "double quotes"."; // Change this line

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Think about how you define a string in JS: you wrap it in quotation marks.

So in the above, JS is going to read that code as

// start of string
"I am a "
// end of string

// syntax error, string has ended
double quoted
// and if JS could continue:

// start of another string
" string inside "
// end of string

// syntax error
double quotes

// start of string
// end of string

JS can’t tell that the double quote marks inside the string are meant to be actual quotation marks rather than start/end of strings unless you tell it that by escaping them.

At the minute, to the the JS parser, it looks like there are three strings with some gibberish inbetween.

var myString = " every double quote after the \"FIRST QUOTE\" will need a \\ to escape it except the \"LAST QUOTE\" ";


copy the above code to the developer console to see the charterers ESCAPED


Thanks guys finally got it