FCC Portfolio Feedback - Dhaval Patel

FCC Portfolio Feedback - Dhaval Patel


Finally time has come to submit the final portfolio assignment after a long time because I was looking into below technologies while building the portfolio. The portfolio is very simple and I hope you like it.

Please visit the link below and give me your feedback and share with me what you like and what you don’t.

Portfolio Link: https://codepen.io/ptldhaval/full/zXYJZE
GitHub Source Link: https://github.com/ptldhaval/portfolio-sample

  • Gulp
  • BrowserSync
  • browserify
  • babelify
  • pug
  • sass
  • ScrollMagic
  • GSAP


I really like your survey form! Good use of the select boxes. “What amount of practice per” or “How much practice per”.

On the portfolio maybe move your icon out of the FCC icon’s way until you can get rid of it. Excellent work!