FCC Ruined My Life

FCC Ruined My Life

It’s been 3 years since I joined FCC.
No job. No money. No home. No hope.
This site literally ruined my life.
I believed I would be able to find a web dev job.
Everything went from bad to worse.

I recommend not believing in yourself if you are in any of the following situations:

  1. Minimum wage job holder
  2. Homeless/Living in poverty
  3. Of color

If any of these things apply to you, FCC will only be a HOBBY for you and you will NEVER get a real programming job from it.

Stefan Gisi


I mean I know it’s hard but blaming FCC for ruining your life is absurd. You just have to keep pushing forward in life, if somethings not working then you should be trying something else. I find it hard to believe you’ve been actively coding and seeking opportunities for 3 years.


I came to FCC belieiving that this would be the thing that would work for me. I heard so many success stories. People getting programming jobs in 3 months, 6 months even 1 year.

I have been actively coding on FCC on and off for 1 year during the past three years. I moved over to do my own projects at repl.it/@StefanGisi.

I’ve applied to over 20 positions in my area. Still no luck.



You’ve applied to 20 positions in that entire time? Bud I’m almost at 200 applications with no luck. Just keep going and improve yourself and learn while applying. Blame games do nothing, figure out what you’re doing wrong and improve it.


Did you try to work as freelancer on fiverr for example ?


Respectful this is not true.

You have projects, but your portfolio is under construction. You’ve only applied to 20 jobs? You need to be sending out much more than that. What does your resume look like, have you joined any coding groups to network, filled out a linkedin profile?

Have you read the success stories? FCC is only once piece of the puzzle you need to put in the work. It’s only a hobby if you don’t do more than hobby at it.


20 might be on the low end of what it take typically for cold application to work. You have to be kind of lucky or hella impressive or both. Honestly even 200 is maybe low over a 3 year span. In my personal experience, the ratio of interview to cold application starting out as a self-taught programmer is about 1 to 75 or 1 to 100

Prepared for a job and actually getting a job are 2 very different thing. FCC can only help you with 1, and honestly I personally think just FCC curriculum is not totally enough. It takes a lot of outside resources and your own networking to crack the field.

I’d say the people who got a job with just 1 year of FCC, even very dedicated people, are more exception than the rule.


I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a hard time. It sounds like your situation sucks.

I don’t think its really fair to blame FCC though. It’s hard as hell to get jobs. FCC helps you learn how to code, but it can’t guarantee you a job. Getting a job takes networking, a hefty portfolio, and a lot of legwork. FCC helps you to code, but there’s a lot FCC can’t do for you.

I hope you can get things to turn around for you!


These things are absolutely true:

  • Getting your first job as a programmer is incredibly hard. There are no programs, schools, or organizations that can promise success.
  • It is even harder for someone living in poverty.
  • It is even harder for people of color.
  • It is even harder for people without an education which is considered traditional for the field.
  • It is even harder for people living with a disability.
  • It is even harder for people living outside of countries and regions with a strong technical industry.
  • It is even harder for people who do not speak English as their first language.
  • It is even harder for people who are visible minorities.
  • … and so on

Free Code Camp is very motivated to reduce barriers as much as we can. We want our platform to be accessible. If you follow the efforts of the FCC contributors , you will see that this goal drives a lot of development. The team strives to keep everything free and set up projects so that users never feel like they have to pay for something to complete the curriculum. There is an ongoing effort to support an offline version of FCC for people who may not have regular access to affordable and/or high speed internet. We have been very lucky to have A11y experts help us work well with assistive technology and usability concerns. Our translating efforts are ambitious, spanning years of planned work.

If any member of our community sees ways that FCC’s design exacerbates systemic oppression, please raise awareness of it.


Harsh putting it on FCC and blaming them that their program doesn’t work for x, y and z. I could blame places like Code Academy or Khan Academy or Coursera for their horrible lack of captioned (not the auto caption junk either) material… but why do that- gotta be creative in finding other ways to learn.

To add two more to ArielLeslie’s list (probably included in the etc part lol)

  • It is even harder for older people (40+) new to coding or transitioning from older coding languages (Hello COBOL).
  • It is even harder for people with a VERY large gap in their resume/work history.

…but it isn’t impossible.

my resume gap is 6 years- I at least have a job currently even though it is not as a Web Dev/programmer or QA Tester. Yet.
I know of people who have looked about as long as that or longer.

The trick is to stay positive, find a way to vent to a friend (I have a couple of very very patient people who listen to me vent, cry, jump for joy etc- interestingly both are in Washington lol), keep learning as much as you can when you can (I’m in a slump right now).

Above all… Be Patient.

That part is hard for me- I’m stubborn and sometimes frustrated but I will never blame FCC or my bootcamp for why I can’t seem to land a job I want- it’s a lot more complex than that.

I wish you luck but please don’t waste your energy on the blame game- the only person it hurts is you.

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FCC ruined your life? Please. How does a library ruin your life? Get real. This place has nothing but information. Good information in one location.

Even better., it’s FREE.

I was all 3 of your conditions 3 years ago., but now #1 and #2 no longer applies to me.

Twenty applications is barely anything in a 3 year span.

3 yrs = 36 months. That’s not even 1 application a month.


I am not ‘lingua franca’ ini English, sorry for my poor english, i think we must see the positive side in FCC, not negative one. I learn a lot in this app, i am living in the country with less industrial technologi, poor country, having this information technology with free is blessing to me, about our life, i’ts don’t matter how bad situation do we have. Be positive bro… :slight_smile:


Thanks for replying Tirjasdyn. I started the Zero to Mastery on Udemy and got depressed at the first robot challenge using Flexbox. I soon learned that it takes a lot of work to code. Someone on discord suggested FCC so I tried it out. I think I learn better reading the tutorial and then seeing/testing the code!! As soon as I finish the HTML/CSS section on FCC I will go back to 02Mastery on Udemy.

Oh, and I don’t just do the exercises once and move on. The next day a complete the previous exercise and then do another one. I figure coding is like math, if I don’t have a good foundation for HTML/CSS then learning JS or any other add-on program isn’t going to help.

I am on LinkedIn, Github and discord but am waiting a couple of weeks after feeling comfortable with HTML/CSS in order to join a group where I can contribute coding. Am I right in doing this? Are there beginner groups on GitHub? How do I find them?

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Man you are in darkness , you need to find the light to get out of it, you can’t blame anyone for your darkness no one gone help you and understand your problem , you have to find the light and make alive yourself .
God bless you many more happiness
One day sun will shine clear and bright until than keep fighting with your life , never ever Give up MAN
Wish you best to find your way
Happy Coding

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Putting blame on free resources is just forcing yourself to believe you’re a victim when in reality you just haven’t had a breakthrough yet.

There are numerous freecodecamp podcasts about minority people who had nothing but a phone to code on that found amazing jobs. They seem to have one thing you lack though, and that’s grit. Come on be for real now.



I have a few questions to ask you:
1 Have you been active in the freecodecamp community asking for help or trying to better yourself? Answer: no you have not, this is your first forum post.
2. Do you actively build projects for people in your community for free to build you portfolio? I do not think so but i would love to hear this answer.
3. Have you actively built any projects every month for the last 3 years?
4. Do you have a linked in portfolio that you have connected to at least 1,000 other software engineers? doubt it, and its free
5. is your linkedin portfolio “for hire” and do you have your experience sections filled out?
6. Have you aplied to over 100 jobs a month every month month after month? doubt it
7. do you have a resume and a cover letter?
8. have you applied to a internship and actively seeked new opportunities?
9. do you have a github account and host your projects there?
10. Do you dedicate at least 6 hours a day to learning the curriclulum at leat 6 days a week?
11. Do you actually know html, css, and javascript?
can you build a html email? Have you even tried?
12. Are you trying to code for less than 1 hour a day so you can get rich forever? It wont work
13.Have you made a study plan and communicated and made friends with others in the community?
14. When will you stop complaining and start coding? No one owes you anything. No one should have to motivate you. You live in your own shoes. Have you even donated 5 dollars to freecodecamp? Or tried to answer someone elses question that needs help?(if not thats selfish).
15. Are you going to read these questions and do them or are you going to continue to blame others for your decisions that made you homeless, choose a min wage job, and look at yourself as just “another person of color”?

BTW I am a person of color who was homeless and had a minimum wage job but i decided to start a community called w3develops.org and help others like me learn from freecodecamp and i have seen many people , even of color get jobs. They worked for years. But i never heard them complain once, especially if they were not getting results because they didnt do the work and commit themselves, and these are guys with people who depend on them like a wife and kids. How bad do you REALLY want this. BAd enough to stop talking and start coding? If you dont like something do something about it.

Or since you consider yourself as just another brother of color you might understand this better: “If you knew better youd do better” -Drake

Word of advice, people dont hire you to help YOU they hire you so you can help THEM.

Once more question, what exactly did you do when you finished writing this post? DO you go study and build more projects or what was it exactly you did? I would love to hear your response.

One more thing, just because people online say they got jobs in 3 months doesnt mean you will, thats your fault for believing youd get rich quick. This is a serious career change, you need to take life serious like Jesus from the bible says. It will take longer for you to do something if youd dont try, blame other, and believe every Tom Dick and Jane who tell you something is easy for them. You are not them and younever will be. You dont know what they know. The fact that someone has to tell you this says alot. Mainly that you are not doing your research. Go try helping others. Build bridges dont burn them. I cut ties with all drug addicts, losers, deadbeats, wannabe gangsters, etc before i started to learn to code. I went and left having my first apartment and being able to move in with some scum bag drug dealers or living on the street to moving in with my mom because family is more important than trying to get rich and noone, and i mean noone on the street loves you homie. Before you change your career you need to change your life. Take responsibility for yourself and look inward and not outward. And stop playing the blame game, because noone care and noone wants to hear it. Its hard for everyone out here. Its all about how you deal with it.


come on, fam. NO ONE finds success at BARELY 20 aplications.
I did at least 600 to get my first chance. And multiple training after FCC


@stgisi is clearly in a very difficult place and I don’t want them to feel like this thread has become a pile-on to discurage them further. I’m going to lock this thread because I think that everything that needs to be said on the topic has already been said. Thanks to everyone who wrote a thoughtful response.

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