FCC style sites to learn Python?

FCC style sites to learn Python?


I’m about to do computer science for A-level, where python is done. I’ve been looking around, but I couldn’t really find any sites for python that were like FCC.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Whats the best place to learn python?
Sites like FCC for Python?

As far as I have seen, FCC is unique (at least among free resources). I can recommend a couple books that I used to learn Python:

“Dive Into Python” by Mark Pilgrim

“Learn Python The Hard Way” by Zed A. Shaw

Sites like FCC for Python?

Awesome, thank you very much!


In my humble opinion, Learn Python The Hard Way is not the best learning resource now that there’s Python 3.6.
Shaw’s main idea is that one shouldn’t use Python3. I would recommend the following resources: