FCC Survey Form - Grid Layout

FCC Survey Form - Grid Layout


I went and experimented with CSS Grid layout in this project.


Hey @six03,
Your page works well on desktop and tablet devices.
But, this is how it looks on mobile devices:

Try fixing this.

Good try overall.
Well done.


I knew about the mobile issues and since it did not say to optimize for mobile, I’m not going to do that. At some point, when I have time, I may go through and add the necessary fallbacks and media queries but at this point, it’s not worth the time for me to do so.



The name of the certificate is “Responsive Web Design Certification”.
So, that itself implies your project should be responsive to all devices cause that’s what is best practice.
Whether to make it optimized for mobile devices or not, i will let you make that decision.

All the best.


@six03 very nice work,keep it up


You’re using @supports from line 123 to the end, by the grid system is used in almost every selector in your code before line 123. Why are you doing it?