FeedBack for Tribute Page on Lebron James

FeedBack for Tribute Page on Lebron James


Here is my tribute page guys! Feedback is welcome!

See the Pen Lebron James Tribute by Syed Hussain (@syedcbb) on CodePen.


It’s really nice! Keep going!


Nice! I like the videos, it adds a lot.


Awesome tribute to the king.

Two things I’d recommend trying are:

  1. Increase padding the content containers so that the content isn’t so close to the edges. It looks a bit nicer when the content is contained nicely.

  2. decrease the width/size of the videos so that they take up 60~80% of the container’s width on medium & large screens. For mobile screens, 100% width is fine.

Great job and keep it up!


Thank you for the comments!!


Appreciate the Feedback!!! I will definitely try reducing the width of the videos.