Feedback, My personal Portfolio

Feedback, My personal Portfolio

I ended up finishing my last project, and get a certificate. Thanks freeCodeCamp

My portfolio

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Congratulations @dihpan
More challenges, more projects and definitely more certificates and knowledge.
Great job :+1:


Nice Man! great job!



Hello, I do not think that the project tiles should shrink like that until they are touching the sides of the screen. In mobile view there is a lot of space around them and they are hard to see. You can project tiles to width: 100% in mobile view.

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Thanks for the advice sir

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Greetings to everyone!

Please I also need feeback for my Portfolio:

Especially the css and mobile responsive part. I am still a beginner in CSS.

Thank you!

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Very nice Good job.
I suggest to add smooth scrolling, I think it will be better

  scroll-behavior: smooth;
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I don’t even know how make scroll smooth, thanks sir

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I am sorry SalimDev was this response-feedback mearnt for me?

Thank you!

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