Feedback needed for tribute page!

Feedback needed for tribute page!


Hi everyone,

I just completed my tribute page! I would like to have your feedback!




Nice job! I would recommend a little less bottom margin. The sections are so far apart that I almost thought the page was over before I scrolled to the quote and timeline.

I didn’t thoroughly go over the code but I think it’s this style here:

        position: relative;
        margin-top: 35%;
        margin-bottom: 25%; //<----- less margin here

I liked the topic and layout generally :slight_smile:


:heart: Vivian Maier

The code is clean, readable, and you kept your CSS out of the HTML. Be careful with <em> and <strong> tags, though. It’s fine to use them, but don’t use them for the way they style text. Screen readers will use tags like that to change the way the text is read, so using them for styling can lead to some awkward sounding robot speech. Instead, keep all styling in your CSS. This also makes it much easier to fix or change things with less code.

Great job, though!


Oh, and there’s a typo in the first date entry of the bio. “wwmother”


Hi PortableStick,

Thank you so much for checking my code!




Hi tdreid,

I found out that its the margin-top being too high. I changed it. Thank you for your feedback!




Ah, yeah! I’ve done that myself quite a few times. :slight_smile: You’re very welcome and keep up the great work!