Feedback on my first project - the tribute page

Feedback on my first project - the tribute page


Hello Everyone!

I completed the first project in the free code camp course - the tribute page. I would really appreciate to hear some feedback and constructive criticism, some Dos and Don’ts.

I am really excited to get in the world and love the fact that it is never ending journey of self-improvement and leaning.

Thank you in advance for your time and help.


Im’ not sure I like the high contrast white text on black. If you are wanting to do this, make the whole page black.
Also please read up on why “click here” should not be used:


Yes i have to agree about the high contrast as well. It’s a bit intimidating to the reader, kinda distracting.
Also a tip since you’re using CodePen don’t use Imgur to host your images cause it really doesn’t work ^^
You can use instead.

Other than that, it’s pretty good, keep it up :+1:


Thank you for your time. Since yesterday I read a lot about using high contrast and how it may hurt the eyes while reading. Now I am reading about the click here so thanks for that as well.


Thanks for your feedback and for the site. Note taken. Cheers!