Feedback on my TD page

<%= @topic_view.topic.title %>
<%= @topic_view.topic.average_rating %> <%= @topic_view.topic.posts.count { |p| !!p.custom_fields['rating'] } %>

What do think about the design of the page?
page link :
Github link:


I really like your color and layout. great job.

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Well, that’s not the Java logo. But other than that, your page is pretty nice, I like it a lot. Well done, Abdelli.

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@ConnerOw1115 @dariushine Thank you for your feedback :smile:

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I really like how smooth the scroll is.

There are some grammatical errors throughout but it is still a crazy good website.

Someone mentioned the Java icon is wrong. You can use the one here or without the word Java underneath:


You should give us the source code so we can see how you code.

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I like the old-skool logo. I miss Duke :slight_smile:

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It’s on github pages, so just fiddle with the URL:

But I agree that putting a link back to github on the page itself would not go amiss.

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