Feedback on my tribute page (kermit t. frog)

Feedback on my tribute page (kermit t. frog)


I need feedback on my tribute page. I am trying to figure out how to keep the first picture from getting too large. I don’t quite know how to stop that from happening. another thing I can’t seem to solve is how to get the final bullet point to be in a second column on larger screens. Any feedback would be appreciated. my page is Thank you in advance.


great work @unityredd! just few suggestions:

  • consider adding a margin-top on the <h1> tag
  • consider to center or put the <li> elements on the center or anywhere it can be easily noticed and choosing a good background may help visualizing the content :slight_smile:

Overall, this is good, and it really educated me about Kermit


Thank you. I will check those out