Feedback on Personal Website(Portfolio)

Feedback on Personal Website(Portfolio)



everybody, I would like to kindly request from you to give me feedback about my personal website. It's not brand new design, I made it few weeks ago but back then I didn't know about freeCodeCamp. Please, I am open to all suggestions or any critics! Feel free to "roast" the website :slight_smile:
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Wow this is really impressive. I hope to create websites like this one day. I just started learning how to code. I think it would be a nice addition if you had a reset button on your drawing application to give yourself a blank canvas. Good work!


Is that opening RD animation written in css or javascript?


It is CSS animation :slight_smile: I’m glad you liked it! Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile: Keep it going and someday you will make even better!


Superb one…
Well done and continue
I have just completed my Tribute Page and into the Portfolio site just now…


Never stop learning :slight_smile: Keep going. Do something every day, even if it’s not every day, sometimes it’s okay to take few days off, even a week. But always keep going back to it !


Great page!

Just a little feedback - because your navbar isn’t floating, a user will have to scroll back to the top of the page to check out the next section which is a bit of an annoying experience.


I’ve thought about that and I have tried it out, but it just didn’t seem quite right… you can try it yourself to see how it goes, but I don’t think it suits in this website :slight_smile: There is not that much content anyway. But what I can do is create a button at the bottom of the page that sends you to the top! Thank you for the idea and I’m happy you liked it ! :slight_smile: