Feedback request: Technical Documentation

Feedback request: Technical Documentation


Would love some feedback on this, positive or negative.

This is my take on the technical documentation. Sort of a material design, dark theme. I threw in some colors because my previous projects were feeling a bit bland, I think it came out well.

Comments/opinions would be very welcome, still trying to build confidence at this since I am so new. :smiley:


This looks really good! I like the gradient blue background. One suggestion I have is that is the scroll bars really don’t fit into the style of document. I would suggest researching how to customize the scroll bars with css to give is a sleeker look.


Thanks @KAnd :smiley:

I didn’t even notice the scrollbar before you mentioned it, but you are very right.

I tweaked it with some CSS to better match the theme. Hopefully that looks better now.


That looks much better! Nice job!