Feedback Required - Quote Generator Minimalist

Feedback Required - Quote Generator Minimalist


I didn’t use any images and tried to style everything using css. Please take a look at my code.
Any advice? :slight_smile:


Great idea rounding only 2 corners. I like the look of that.


Simple and great idea for beginners.


hello @Ozarion!
Your Quote Machine Looking Perfect!
good job i mean really good job!
its look simple and professional!
good work! :trophy: :sunglasses:


This looks great. I like the colours and layout. Great job!


I like your simple design!

Have you seen that on small devices the font-size becomes very small? Might be worth looking at media queries to change the styles for smaller devices.


Thank you. Okay Let me implement that.


I’ve implemented media queries. Now it is perfectly usable on any screen size and dimension.


Nice one, that looks cool :slight_smile: Also like the fading in and out of new quotes!


Very nice. Maybe you connect to any open api provided by some sort of website with a quotes generator with unique items every day. So you could pull them in json and view them in your quote viewer.


Thanks. Okay I would try to do as you suggested. :slight_smile:


I would be interested in giving a try to this if you dont mind. I would like to start and contribute to the communities as much as i can


Sure! Anyway I can help. :slight_smile: