Feedback:Tribute to Richard Feynman

Feedback:Tribute to Richard Feynman


Feedback needed for the tribute page . Any critique welcome .
Thank You
link :


Really nice, I’ve learned a few things looking at your code - thanks!


Glad it helped. Actually I wrote css in a very messy way.


thank you @P1xt . I use Sublime. There might be some plugin for sublime too.


Btw I used flexbox instead of bootstrap . I am loving it …so easy!


Let’s look at the page on any smartphone. Wow! At desktop monitor we have the picture with larger height, but here it has larger width. Why?

I think you wanted to write something different:

@media (max-width: 760px) {

align-self: center;
height: 225px;


@Agmuster Thank you so much for pointing that out . Even I wondered why image looked liked that on phone. It was a very silly mistake . I have changed it . Check it out .Thanks again!


Very nice looking page for me, and it seems we like the same person :). The only thing is that it is not sure if this quote is really Feynman’s words, but still its cool :smile:


thanks @Zuroslaw . yeah that quote is disputed :slight_smile: