Feedback Twitch Viewer with local storage

Feedback Twitch Viewer with local storage


Hey, I just completed my Twitch Viewer. I added the possibility to add and remove channels, hope it works for everyone. Any feedback (missing / not working / strange things…) will be greatly appreciated!


Very awesome! Works great!


I love the add/remove user. It would be nice if you could have a way to view the stream by clicking on one of the item classes or similar; there is no way to go from your list of streamers to actually watching the stream which would be nice.


Thanks! @IsaacAbrahamson I made a typo in my JS. Now clicking the channel name or the channel image should open a new tab to the stream ({channelName}).


Glad you got it fixed! I hate it when little typos like that happen xD.


That’s great!

I love the real-time search feedback - it’s really slick.