Filled with Fear,Lost and Overwhelmed

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Im 44 Year old and on Disability. I have a Graduate Degree in reading books and writing papers.Many regrets, one of the biggest is a Liberal Arts Degree. I need to find a career, I THINK I like computers, the biggest attraction to me is opening a laptop anywhere anytime and earning a living.
Im deathly afraid of Math, i have some kind of math disability. for instance, ive taight myself fractions over and over again and go to use it a year later and its not retained. I skated thru both Psychology statistics and regular stats for my math requirement. i wish so much that i retained even a little of it.
I have been able to follow instructions to fix my computer, ive set up virtual machines and went thru the motions of stuff to get stuff working with Tor, such as a working Tails(before it was so open box easy. the toughest thing i had to do was trying to get my network card to work on a samsung which wasn’t working with Ubuntu. so, i think i can do this stuff. I do really enjoy the feeling of thinking ive learned to do higher level things with computers. But i cant code, and I cant run command line stuff with Linux. cant do anything. where do i start?
I think I like networking stuff, im pretty sure i like Security. but beyond learning to do the stuff, i still cant visualize what it is your actually doing minute to minute in any particular field.
this was kinf of a ramble . any words of encouragement or direction would be appreciated. I see alot of “start here” stuff, and the very next line gives you 50 things to chose from,learn this,learn that. i dont see the path. If i had to guess, Id say learn python, spend as long as i need , months, to know it then worry about the next step then? im i thinking along the right lines? if im really sure i want to do cyber security, should i learn to command line in linux blindfolded then worry about a next step?I cant go back to school. but the Vocational Ed rehabilitation will pay for courses.
thanks for your valuable time. i