Finally finished css of JS Calculator. Feedback please?

Finally finished css of JS Calculator. Feedback please?


I’ve been procrastinating it on my calculator since I wanted to do the css myself instead of relying on bootstrap buttons. I’m not that fond of CSS as it scares me more than JS atm so I procrastinated on it a bit, but can I please get some feedback on the calculator? Thank you.


I’m not that far into the projects, but I like it. Hovering over the buttons work and the function of the actual calculator works.
Personally, I dislike the type papyrus, but that is me. However, I do notice if I change the font-family to something else it breaks the alignment everything – maybe something to resolve, as when the font cascades to helvetica it messes up, but works with times new roman.

Also green on blue doesn’t look good to me. Maybe a nice brown for the background, or another warm color like dark orange. All my opinion of course.



Thanks for the feedback on the design. I made the changes that you stated.


Much better looking in my opinion, and the text doesn’t break the alignment!
Nice job fixing those things and making a better project :slight_smile: