Finally got a job

Finally got a job


Thanks for sharing about your story. Certainly serves as a model for many of us :slight_smile:


My portfolio isn’t perfect, but here it is.


Congratulations, Kevin. You certainly deserve the opportunity given the work you’ve put in.

And thanks for giving back to the community too. Your post here is really helpful and ultimately encouraging.

My wife and I had to go through the whole long-distance thing and I sympathize. We focused on a lot of communication and small, thoughtful surprise gifts. I’d definitely take advantage of cheap flights if I were you.

Best of luck with the new job.


Yeah, my wife and I have done long distance before. I was working on the cruise ship so this will be a lot easier because we can skype whenever we want.

Yeah, little things. Whenever I’m away like this, I always send a postcard a week, just to let her know I’m thinking of her. I have a stack of postcards and postcard stamps and just write one out every Sunday.


:confetti_ball:Congratulations @kevinSmith it’s always good to hear success story’s. You have got passed a major milestone, even though there will be many milestones for you to get to in your journey. The more you pass them the greater your confidence will be, and the benefits they bring. Also that’s pretty great your company gave you a :computer: macbook. I have no clue if that’s normal or not but still that’s great! Granted their gonna make their investment back through your work but still that’s a good sign Congrats, Happy Coding!


Congrates on getting the job your post really helpful me for exploring options


Yeah that’s what I thought when I first started, but I have seen the hard reality now. It’s been now 9 months for me since I started to teach myself how to code.

Same, I thought that by learning React I would get a job easily, now I’m learning the MERN stack and working on my first full stack project, but I realized just like you that this is not a checklist and there’s always more things to learn.

Your third point is a great advice, that is exactly what I’m doing. At first it felt like a race and I was too worried that I was way too far behind, it was stressful. Now I’m just focusing on learning and building.

Great post and very good advices, thanks for sharing. Some of the things you said felt very familiar to me as I have experienced some of those things that you mentioned.


Congrats! Hope you will have a great career!


btw how long did it take you to study all this stuff?


Congrats Kevin,
Even i am also from diffferent career and trying to get into IT industry.Your story is inspirational.