Finally updated Portfolio: Feedback required please

Finally updated Portfolio: Feedback required please


This is the start of my journey portfolio:

This is my recently updated one:
Timeline between the 2 is 1.5 years doing this in spare time.
Appreciate any feedback.
Working on adding projects using different tools.


This is really cool. I like it. I’m not so into the casual, whimsical font, but it’s your choice. I would have used a font like Roboto or Montserrat. Also, i would use smooth scrolling.
Just wondering, what did you use express and nodejs for on your site?


Hey, thanks for the feedback, it’s appreciated.
I knew the font was a big risk but wanted something light and whimsical. So far the consensus has been 40% - ‘are you serious?’ and 60% - ‘what a fun font’ which is better than I expected, but may need changing. You’re right, It definitely needs smooth scrolling, looking at it now, it’s almost aggressive.
I used Node and Express to set up basic back end, taking care of the routing/http requests. There’s nothing too involved there, although my YelpCamp project uses it a lot more. I found it to be a simple and effective back end framework. Thanks again :smiley:


Just looking at your yelpCamp project. I think you forgot that there’s nowhere to sign up. When you do, maybe include google oauth, if you want. Is the site functional?


Hi , I had to remove the sign up as the risk of people uploading unfavourable images is too high. The site is functional with full database however it is a fictional site as part of a project for another course, I do have test accounts set up for potential client to test functionality . I used passportjs for authentication and was thinking of incorporating Google auth , but thought to leave it this time .


Updated with smooth scrolling, Montserrat is amazing. Also compressed background image and directed site to custom domain . Thanks again for the suggestions, I think it made a world of difference.


@Danyl007 I just was working on designing a project similar to your Yelp Camp project, and I realized you could have a guest account that doesn’t save changes to the site. this way, users can see that the site actually works, but they won’t be able to permanently change contents. Just a thought.


Had thought of doing something like that. The only real benefit of user account is to see things save and be able to update comments & locations. Without user account the site functionality still works for the most part. Users can look at camp sites, check out Google map api working, read comments etc… Am just going to put note in red on home page saying something along the lines of *please contact admin for testing accounts. Unfortunately I have a mountain of Java to code and other projects to start on so will have to revisit it at a later point. Thanks for the idea though, I appreciate it. Good luck with your project and please message when it’s complete, would love to check it out :slight_smile: