Finding Coding Hard

Finding Coding Hard


Thank you for posting that article. The message that what we’re trying to do is actually very difficult was what I needed to read to stop being so down on myself. Sometimes it seems like others are moving forward so quickly that it gives the illusion that programming isn’t as challenging as it is. I’m making progress as far as becoming better (I tend to jump around a bit), but it is taking me much longer than expected. My last relationship actually ended in part due to me taking too long to make a career change and she and her family feeling I wasn’t a good enough breadwinner. I got my degree in IT over 11 years ago, and had gone to school for programming years before that. However, I can honestly say I’ve learned a lot more about programming and web development in the last couple of years through sites like this one and others than I ever did in school. I’ll be 45 in January and I have an overwhelming feeling that I’m running out of time, but reading the stories of people my age and older doing this successfully gives me hope.


I am older (not saying how old, but probably older than everyone else here), and I resent the idea that those of us who didn’t grow up with computers are too old to ever “get it.”

Coding does come naturally to some people (Bill Gates, Kevin Mitnick), but for most of us, it takes effort and persistence.

It involves logic, a lot of rules whose logic isn’t obvious (CSS, I’m talking about you), excruciating attention to detail, math, spatial ability, problem solving and design. Not all of us have all of these abilities innately, so we need to develop the ones that aren’t inborn talents. That requires actual work, but you can do it.

One example I like to give is: Remember when you were a kid in school and just learning to read or spell or multiply? It probably didn’t come right at the first try, but you did learn these things and now you’ve mastered them, right? And back then, you had daily practice and a teacher to guide you and correct you. With coding, you’re doing it on your own and expecting to master it right away. Give it time and don’t get discouraged.


Wow. Again thank you again for all the positive stories! I forgot I posted this thread! lol!

But you guys have reminded me not to give up! Thank again!


Thank you! This is exactly how I feel. :slight_smile:


Also appreciate the commenter, who said the step from hand-holding to figuting out on your own is rather sudden on Free Code Camp. I am wondering if there is a place where I can get a JavaScript tutor. I need one!


I don’t know a place where you can get a personal tutor, but for the basics check out the programming curriculum on Khan Academy, things are explained more step by step with interactive videos.